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About Us


Founded in 2009 by an established Irish construction family who have developed a reputation for innovation and quality over the past 65 years.

Ecofix was setup as a solution to tackle the increased demand for improved building envelope performance both in new build and the retrofit market.

Ecofix has pioneered an approach to tackle this market at scale through research and innovation, developing new methods and technologies to tackle this complex problem.

By taking a fabric first approach to new and existing buildings, our core strategy is to deliver comfortable, more efficient and healthier buildings, safely and sustainably.


We are Irelands leading Specialist Airtightness & nZEB Contractor

At Ecofix, we have a culture of learning and growth, so naturally became early adopters of training and methods being pioneered globally in an attempt to improve overall building performance. This early adoption provided us with opportunities to learn and develop our own methods and know how, all of which are applied in all our projects.

At Ecofix we like to try new things, to improve our performance at all stages of a project. This has served us well in the past being one of the first companies to tackle retrofit at scale. This required developing new and innovative technology to capture proof of work.

If we don't find a solution we create one.



Our goal is to deliver the best value and quality, cost effectively, efficiently and sustainably, without compromise for health and safety.

Ecofix offers construction expertise in three core product lines - Commercial Services, Community Services and Specialist Services - and has built projects all over Ireland and the United Kingdom. We are 100% committed to superior quality, value and customer satisfaction by developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with clients, designers, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.



Leveraging the resources of our construction group, Ecofix can deploy highly skilled professionals who possess the knowledge and the experience required to deliver large complex projects in a variety of markets at scale.

This requires a clear understanding of the challenges in modern construction.

As pioneers Ecofix has usually already spent a considerable amount of time at the coal face ahead of other firms. This has enabled us to draw on this experience and develop new methods and technologies to streamline and improve delivery of our services.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you achieve your vision please click the link below.

Quality Assurance



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Our Quality Assurance Program

In 2020 Ecofix launched the Quality Assurance program to develop and implement new solutions to some old problems. In conjunction entirely new systems have been developed and implemented to improve our current offering and deliver even greater value to our clients.

Ecofix implements an integrated Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental (QHSE) management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Ecofix at a bare minimum works to internationally acclaimed standards. We have achieved EnerPHit standards in commercial retrofit projects and to date have achieved passive house standard on over 50 houses in Ireland, exceeding the exacting standards of airtightness consistently.

We follow ISO International Standards to ensure that all products and services provided by us are safe, reliable and of good quality. 

We are registered product providers for a number of vendors and are certified NSAI and SEAI installers, and all our staff are routinely reviewed and provided training. The management and staff at Ecofix strive to encourage a culture of continuous improvement. Client feedback and a sophisticated suite of regulatory controls and audits ensure we are always aware of how our jobs are going, where we need to focus our attentions and how we need to drive change to create improvements at all stages of our projects.

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