Fabric first approach/


Working with Rockwool, Ecofix was the first team to develop a fabric first approach to design principles, viewing the whole house as a system. Every part of the building was considered, analysed, and designed to reduce energy usage.

As is often the case when pioneering new ideas, challenges present themselves, requiring in depth knowledge and experience to quickly and effectively develop solutions that get results.

As a forward thinking team, we are often the first to tackle these challenges. This know-how is why we are leaders in our field, and enabled us to achieve the first passive house certification for a commercial build and the first certified passive social housing retrofit.

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Ecofix in partnership with JUB UK developed and delivered one of the first NSAI Certified ETICS systems for the retrofit market in Ireland. 

Ecofix went on to retrofit hundreds of homes using this system to great success.



Silken Park was the largest passive house development in Ireland at the time it was built, paving the way for mainstream adoption by proving that it was achievable and affordable.

Ecofix were responsible for achieving the airtightness required to attain passive certification. Ecofix went on to provide the same service in Irelands first social  housing retrofit to achieve passive certification in St. Bricins Park, establishing Ecofix as Irelands leading experts in airtightness.

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The Built2Spec project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 637221. 

Ecofix's role within in the project involved;

  • pilot testing and retrofit worksites

  • testing self inspection techniques on working sites

  •  contributing to activities on self-inspection and quality assurance requirements with a focus on retrofit

Ecofix worked along side 20 other organisations for this project.