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industries we serve

We serve a number of industries structured around five main business areas;

- Industrial Segregation

- Temporary Hoardings

- Window Protection

The industries we serve as follows;

- Airports

- Automotive & Aerospace

- Construction

- Data Centres

- Food & Beverage

- Healthcare

- Leisure

- Manufacturing

- Office Fit Out

- Packaging & Disposables

- Retail Fit Out

- Warehousing & Logistics

If you have a project in any of these industries please contact us for further information on how we can assist.


Industrial Segregation

Industrial Segregation




Segregation in modern industry is necessary not just for partitioning the function of a building into different segments, it is also extremely useful for increasing safety or providing a functional barrier to protect areas. As technology and business changes and develops, there is an increasing need for flexible segregation solutions that are not only fit for purpose but quick to install and flexible enough to be relocated without needing extensive works to be carried out.


industrial partitions

We supply a number of flexible partition solutions from static industrial partitions, tensioned and weighted mobile curtains and industrial fabric enclosures for preventing contamination and decontamination. We can also deliver bespoke solutions.

The flexible partition wall provides a low impact, space saving solution for most industrial partitioning needs. Once there is a suitable substructure in place flexible partitions can be be fixed to existing structures quickly providing working spaces.

Flexible partition walls are a light-weight, heavy duty solution to create a resilient physical barrier for industrial applications.

Typically used to separate workflows, segregate processes or create a barrier between areas. Flexible partitions provide a dust/particle and thermal barrier to create clean isolated environments within industrial facilities.

Flexible partitions are installed in a single fix, have little to no impact with the existing structure and can easily be configured to suit most areas needs including high speed doors, windows and other features.

areas of use

Due to  material properties, easy of use and flexibility, flexible partitions can be used in most areas with ease including external surfaces. Their adaptability means they can perform a variety of purposes depending on how they are designed, configured and installed. In many instances flexible partitions can be repurposed and installed in a new location with minor adjustments.


Temporary Hoardings

Temporary Hoardings




Hoarding is a very useful way to create a temporary partition system for any application. 

hoarding systems

We can provide a number of hoarding solutions designed to suit your project. All our hoarding is eco-friendly and robust.

All our hoarding products are structurally tested and is made from recycled materials and is suitable for applications ranging from retail to medical segregation.

Hoarding can be customized in a number of ways with information or branding depending on your requirements.

areas of use

  • Internal 

  • External


  • Construction

  • Retail

  • Hospitals

  • Trade shows and events

  • Airports

  • Office partitions

Temporary UPVC Hoarding 2.jpg

Temporary Window Protection

Temporary Window Protection



Omniguard by Blowerproof can be used as a means of protection for PVC or aluminium framed windows or doors.

Omniguard is a water based, spray-on product that allows for easy and fast removal by peeling. 

Omniguard is a durable film that is capable of protecting surfaces from damage caused by general  construction activities such as plastering.


Omni guard does not protect against impact damage. It is a very good barrier against staining or damage from contact with building materials such as cement, plaster etc. 


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